No more holograms on your car
Is a mysterious, yet common sight on a car’s paintwork in bright light. They are primarily caused by a lack of, or improper maintenance such as wiping a car that should be washed due to the amount of surface dirt or from an inexperienced rotary machine operator. Holograms can ruin a car’s gloss no matter […]
Best Car Wax 2016-2017
Once you’ve shifted the worst winter grime, which car wax best protects your car bodywork? Your paint will have taken a battering this winter, so now is the time to make it sparkle again. First, it needs cleaning, which involves rinsing with a hose or a blast with a pressure washer to shift as much […]
Mobile car polishing services
Mobile Car Machine Polishing  Services… If your paintwork has become tired and weathered why not take advantage of our full vehicle body polish services. Our Machine Polish Service will restore your paintwork and will remove most light scratches, these tend to be more apparent on darker colored vehicles. We can also buff away light accidental scratches caused […]