Is a mysterious, yet common sight on a car’s paintwork in bright light. They are primarily caused by a lack of, or improper maintenance such as wiping a car that should be washed due to the amount of surface dirt or from an inexperienced rotary machine operator. Holograms can ruin a car’s gloss no matter how clean or waxed the paintwork is. Removal is achieved by carefully re-polishing the affected areas of paintwork before re – waxing and sealing the area to produce the fine results shown below.


🙂 It is the polishing, not waxing, that brings about the most improvement in the overall appearance of your cars paint finish. Wax or a sealant is applied to add depth of shine but primarily to give protection to your paint finish. Now is the time to have your car machine polished and waxed to keep it looking good for longer and revive your paint finish after the ravages of winter. 🙂

Machine polishing a car will take a number of hours to complete. To achieve the best finish using the correct tools and materials takes time and patience.  Book your car for polishing now