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Professional Buffing/Polishing Service

City car valeting provide vehicle wax & polish services in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire. Our hand car wax and Polishing is often accompanied with a mini valet service which starts from £60. At city car valeting you will receive a high-quality polishing finish from our specialist car polishers who are well trained, friendly and polite. We provide specialist waxing and polishing services for all types of vehicles, from prestige cars, high-performance cars. Book Polishing now


Our car body wax & polishing services in London, Essex & Hertfordshire are affordable and professional. What gives us an advantage over others in the same industry is our experience, reputation and knowledge when it comes to cleaning your vehicle, we know what is best for your vehicle. Book Polishing now


An important service that should be carried out on a regular basis to keep your paintwork looking good. Your vehicle will be washed thoroughly first to remove any dirt and grit particles. Then we will evaluate the paint surface and select the correct polish to use. If the paintwork is in very good condition, we will bring out the shine with a nonabrasive polish. In most cases, the bodywork will have tiny scratches, scuffs and old polishing swirl marks (called holograms). If this is the case, we will use Autoglym Radiant Wax Polish. This is a one step, medium duty, combination polish and sealant for all paint types, including weathered, hazed or oxidized paintwork. This will leave your vehicle looking fantastic. Mobile car valeting booking page link

Car polishing services by city car valeting

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